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Nail Salon Stays Warm with Expert HVAC Solutions

Bartlett Nail Salon Stays Warm with Expert HVAC Solutions

Providing Heating Solutions to a Nail Company in Bartlett

A nail salon in Bartlett faced a significant issue as the cold season approached. The heating system failed, leaving the salon cold and uncomfortable for both staff and clients. The salon owner reached out to JDN Systems for an urgent solution to this no-heat situation.

Our Solution

Upon inspection, JDN Systems's team found that the draft fan supports and combustion box were badly rusted. A straightforward repair wasn't viable due to the extent of the damage and the age of the unit. Instead, we proposed a draft assembly replacement and a partial HVAC rebuild as the most cost-effective approach.

JDN Systems managed to keep the project within the salon's budget. Our solution not only restored heat to the salon but also extended the life of the existing HVAC system, preventing a complete shutdown of business during the colder months.

How We Solved the Problem

Our technicians worked efficiently to rebuild the draft portion of the heating unit. This process involved replacing the damaged parts and ensuring the system operated efficiently, all within the client's budget constraints. Through skilled workmanship and a focus on cost-saving measures, we were able to keep the salon warm and operational without the need for a costly full replacement.

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If your business in Bartlett, like Eden Nails, is experiencing heating issues, don't hesitate to contact JDN Systems. Our expertise in commercial HVAC services, including heater repair and rebuilds, ensures we can offer you a tailored solution that keeps your space warm without overspending.

Don't let a malfunctioning heater affect your business. Reach out to JDN Systems today for reliable and affordable heating solutions in Bartlett. We're here to help you maintain a comfortable environment for your customers and staff.