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Swift HVAC Solutions for Medical Offices

Swift HVAC Solutions for Medical Offices in Bartlett

Helping a Medical Office with No Cooling in Bartlett

Suburban Orthopedics in Bartlett faced a significant challenge when their cooling system failed in the MRI area, a critical component of their medical operations. The urgency to resolve the no cooling issue was paramount to avoid any disruption to their services and ensure patient care remained uninterrupted.

What We Did to Help

Upon being called out to Suburban Orthopedics, JDN Systems immediately recognized the need for a fast solution. Our experienced team assessed the situation and concluded that the most effective resolution was to replace the rooftop unit and update the zoning controls for both the MRI area and the adjacent offices.

Thanks to our efficient commercial HVAC processes and financing options, we were able to procure and install the new unit the very next day. This quick turnaround kept any disruption to the MRI area to a minimum. Additionally, by replacing the zone controls, we provided Suburban Orthopedics with a more operator-friendly system, enhancing the overall functionality and comfort within the facility.

How We Solved the Problem

JDN Systems's dedication to providing quick and reliable solutions was evident in our ability to expedite the shipment and installation of the replacement unit. Our team's expertise in HVAC zoning also allowed for a customized approach, ensuring that each area of the medical office could be controlled independently for optimal temperature regulation.

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